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Extreme snow and ice storms have the similarities of natural disasters that command preparedness along with available assets and manpower. With our long history in disaster recovery work coupled with the nature of working in a heavy contracting environment and performing weather related seasonal services, Butler has a culture and strength in gearing up to respond quickly and efficiently to each unique situation.

Our past experience in winter storm, hurricane and other disaster recovery work for public authorities and private clients, combined with our experience in complete site construction, gives us a distinctive edge. We understand the challenges involved with storm weather, massive crew and trucking coordination, material management and debris disposal, as well as environmental concerns and administrative burden. We manage and perform emergency relief and re-construction work for the immediate and long term infrastructure necessities.

Butler owns and operates an extensive inventory of trucks and heavy equipment including debris reduction machinery. We have the ability to deploy numerous Debris Removal and Demolition & Hazardous Material Crews, and operate multiple Temporary Debris Storage and Reduction Sites (TDSRS) on a short notice. Our Mechanical Division responds to any field repair needs to ensure continuous operations and we utilize our existing vendor network and reliable partnerships for material supplies.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Disaster Debris Removal & Management
  • Supply & Installation of Temporary Housing Structures and Blue Roofs
  • Complete Site Construction & Management
  • Road Construction & Repairs
  • Underground Utility Construction & Infrastructure Improvements
  • Demolition Services
  • Aggregate Crushing & Gravel Pit Operations
  • Temporary Debris Storage & Reduction Site Management
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